Honours in Afrikaans literature

(Dutch literature as an option to enable students to study in Holland for up to a year)

Some options on the wide menu available:

  1. Compulsory: Treatise (LA410)
  2. Afrikaans prose (LA402)
  3. Afrikaans poetry: e.g. a comparative course of seminal poets such as Breytenbach, Cussons and Krog (LA404)
  4. Oral tradition and children’s literature (LA405) (excellent for prospective teachers, book publishers or children’s book writers)
  5. Comparative writing (LA406): builds further on the Afrikaans fiction course, working with intertexts.
  6. Dutch Literature (LA407)
  7. Literary Theory (LA403)
  8. Variational Linguistics (LA412)
  9. Semantics (LA413)
  10. Lexicography (LA414)
  11. Pragmatics (LA416)

Honours in Afrikaans Linguistics (contact Prof A Otto)

Masters & doctoral study in Afr & Dutch literature/linguistics

Research dissertation. Students can apply for large NMMU bursaries (MA: R20,000 per yr for 2 yrs, or doctoral: R30,000 per yr for 3 yrs), NRF bursaries (closing date: February 2009), research assistantships, and teach tutorials while they are busy with their research work. Overseas study can be a part of this advanced stage of student life (SAVN and ZA Stichting Moederland bursaries available, as well as NRF overseas bursaries).