Afrikaans & Nederlands: Letterkunde/Linguistics
Afrikaans & Dutch: Literature/Linguistics

NB: Students need to choose FOUR modules to make up the menu for each year if they want to major in Afr & Ndl. This implies that they also need to choose ONE or TWO modules from the Linguistics/Taalkunde menu, if they want to major in Afr & Dutch. Choosing single modules as electives, are also an option, when majoring in other subjects.

1st year


  1. Intro to Afrikaans poetry: a historical overview of the main poets and streams in Afrikaans (LA113),
  2. Intro to Afrikaans fiction: a historical overview of the main fiction writing in short stories, plus two novels (LA114),
  3. Intro to Dutch language and literature (LD101,102,103,104: term length courses),
  4. Language and Text (LA111)
  5. Language and Context (LA112)


  1. LAP 101 Communication in Afrikaans I (L2)
  2. LAP 102 Communication in Afrikaans II (L2)
  3. LAP 103 Textual Analysis (L2)
  4. LAP 104 Introduction to Children's Literature


  1. LAB 111/112 Afrikaans for beginners

2nd year

  1. Afrikaans song and lyrics: the study of major Afrikaans poets, such as Breytenbach or Jonker’
  2. Afrikaans fiction: excellent novels by mainstream novelists, with the accent on cultural interaction (LA213)
  3. Intro to Dutch poetry (LD201)
  4. Syntax and Morphology (LA211)
  5. Phonology and Semantics (LA212)

3rd year

  1. Afrikaans poetry: oeuvre study of one or more mainstream poets, such as Krog, Breytenbach, Van Wyk Louw or Opperman (LA313)
  2. Afrikaans fiction: excellent novels and main traditions, current debates and trends in recent Afrikaans fiction (LA314)
  3. Intro to Dutch fiction (LD301)
  4. Book review writing for media & journalism: practice and theory (LA311)
  5. Sociolinguistics (LA312)