The New French Media Room

Students of French may now make use of the French Media Room, whose equipment has been provided by the French Embassy in South Africa. The resources available to students are two computers, a home theatre system with DVD player, a TV on which French channels may be viewed and which also offers the advantage of having French radio channels.

There are several types of magazines, such as Paris Match, Le Courrier International, Prima, Ça m’intéresse, etc.

The students also have access to educational CDs, dictionaries, reference books, DVDs and videos.

The equipment was donated by the French Embassy in South Africa to facilitate the learning of French at the NMMU, especially with regard to the “Ironman Project”. Thus two digital cameras and two digital recorders are also part of the equipment to be used by students.

The Ironman Project is a three-year project which is run with the cooperation of the CFPJ (Centre de Formation et de Perfectionnement des Journalistes), a French journalism school in Paris, our own NMMU department of Journalism, Media & Philosophy and the French subject group.

New French Media Room

New French Media Room

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