1. Dutch bursaries:
    awarded by the Dutch government: second year R5000, third year R6000, Honours R8000, overseas study in Holland and Belgium: R30,000 plus. To obtain these bursaries students need to include the modules on Dutch language and literature in their “package”, and obtain more than 70% average in these courses (they compete nationally for the funds). At first year level: LD101-104, second year: LD201, third year: LD301, Honours year: LA407.

    After the Honours year students may register for the MA, and proceed to the Netherlands for 6 months to a year, as part of their MA research project.
    Bursaries available: NZAV, SAVN (both paid in large euro stipendia to cover overseas stay).

  2. Other bursaries:
    NRF bursaries, NMMU Dean’s scholarship and postgraduate bursaries, ATKV bursaries, Eybers bursary (R45,000). Applications for all of these close round about end of September of the previous academic year. The D.Litt. (doctorate in literature) is the pinnacle of study in literature, and normally takes four to five years of research. For the D.Litt research there are many large bursaries available, especially from the NRF (National Research Foundation), both for local and overseas universities of the student’s choice.